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I am passionate about biomedical research on biological processes that drive disease when defective, and about applying insights gained to develop therapies that address unmet clinical needs.


Shortly after my team coined the therapeutic concept of senolysis (Baker et al., Nature 2011), I co-founded Unity Biotechnology (UBX), with the goal to develop senolytic therapies for a wide range of diseases of aging, including cancer, dementia, cardiovascular, macular degeneration, and osteoarthritis.


In 2021, I cofounded Cavalry Biosciences with Nathaniel David and Timothy Stowe based on a therapeutic concept derived from my work on senescence and atherosclerosis (Childs et al., Nature Aging 2021). Cavalry's central goal is to develop tissue-selective biotherapeutics that restore growth factor insufficiencies caused by hereditary mutations or the aging process.


My ultimate goal as an entrepreneurial basic scientist is to contribute to the development of effective therapies in areas of medicine with unmet clinical needs.   

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